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Many have never heard of a paint inspection. Few companies offer this as a separate service. However, a paint inspection has many more advantages than you might think and can be crucial in the purchase, sale and detailing of a car! With a paint inspection, as the word itself says, we are going to inspect the paint. With this inspection we can see several things. Namely:

  • In what condition is the paint?
  • Has the car ever been involved in an accident?
  • Has the car ever been repainted?
  • How has the car been maintained?
  • What damage is there to the car?
  • How thick is the lacquer left on it?
  • Has there ever been fiddling with the paint?
  • Can the car still be polished?
  • Is the paint still well protected?

And so on...

For each paint inspection, a detailed report is therefore made, including the following points:

  • The damage to the paint
  • The thickness of the paint around the car
  • Has the car ever been involved in an accident?
  • Has the paint ever been tampered with?
  • Is the paint still well protected?
  • Can the car still be polished?
  • Does the car have rust somewhere?
  • How is the car maintained?

Especially for people who are going to sell their car or who are going to buy a second-hand car, there are a lot of advantages, so that this investment will even yield or save money and also cover them! This is because buyers learn much more about what they are going to buy. Any flaws are exposed and you have certainty of what you are buying. This can also ensure that you can also lower the price, so that you quickly get your investment in this service and can even earn some money. And that while you are sure of what you buy.

If the car is worse than you thought and showed the buyer, you have avoided a big bad buy, so that the investment paid off immediately! Persons who are going to sell their car can submit the report to the potential buyers. This ensures that the potential buyers can see that you want to play open card. If the car is in good condition, you can possibly increase your asking price and you will get the car sold faster.

If the car is sold, the next owner cannot come back to discuss that you have not told him that an accident has ever happened, that some damage was camouflaged for sale, and so on. You always have a safety net to stand out again, so here too the investment in this service has quickly paid off or even yielded profit and accelerated sales!

A new car can also benefit from a paint inspection! Many "new" cars are not as new as you might think. These cars are quickly refreshed 95% of the time by the internal "cleaning service" before the customer comes to collect them. However, at 99% there is contamination in the paint, there are already scratches on the car, there are still residues of glue or tar from the plastic, and so on. If you wish, we can assist you with the collection of your car in consultation with the garage to ensure that you are not faced with surprises a few days after your enthusiasm has diminished.

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