Custom Car Care Affiliate Program

Hello! We are happy to see that you are interested in the partner program of Custom Car Care! But what exactly is this? And how does it work?


Custom Car Care has a special portal for partners, affiliates and influencers where persons with a large reach on social media can create links to products from our website. The partners, affiliates or influencers in turn distribute this link to their audience and acquaintances. Every time someone places an order through the link of a partner, affiliate or influencer, they receive 8% commission on the entire order that is placed. That's why they sometimes call this an affiliate or influencer program or marketing.


This obviously sounds very interesting to you! But unfortunately, we do not just accept everyone in our partner program. For what, hear what of course!

Therefore, we have some conditions for those interested in this program, namely:

  • A healthy audience of active social media followers. This can be on any platform such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As long as your followers are active!
  • Related audience of followers. As fun as dogs are, it is not exactly the audience we target. We are really looking for car related partners.
  • Minimum 1.000 followers on 1 platform. These days it is no longer difficult to get 1.000 followers on a social media platform. That way we can distinguish active influencers from the rest.
  • Actively promote our products. We are of course happy if you join our partner program. But then of course we also want you to put us in the spotlight, this will only benefit you of course! 1 Posting to your story or page a week seems like a little effort.


Do you meet these conditions? Top! Then you can immediately proceed to us Partner Portal and register there. Try to fill in as much information as possible so that you will be accepted as soon as possible!

Please note that if you no longer meet the conditions, we can also take you out of the program.


Do you not meet these conditions? Unfortunately, we cannot accept you in our partner program. You will have to continue growing until you meet these conditions. BUT! Remember, you can still refer products to friends. You do not receive a commission on this, but you do receive reward points! You can exchange these for discount codes and free products!