Shipping policy

Shipping policy

All orders placed at Custom Car Care are sent as quickly as possible via the webshop system. If the ordered goods that are paid and in stock and shipped are not with the customer within the European Union within 30 days, the customer can cancel the order. We ship orders within 30 working days when they are fully in stock at our warehouse. Orders that are incomplete or whose items are not in stock are not covered by this rule. If orders may not be able to be shipped within 30 working days, we will try to inform you. You then have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund of your paid amount.

Orders where part of the items are in stock and part are not in stock are kept at the warehouse until they can be fully shipped. You can always contact us to find out which items are in stock. Even when you have placed an order, you can contact us so that you know which articles are already ready to be shipped, and which articles we have to wait for before we can deliver them. Any references on our website or third party websites cannot be considered accurate and do not provide a realistic picture of the delivery time.

Orders that are held in our warehouse because they are only partly in stock can also be sent in multiple packages. This may incur additional shipping costs depending on the value of the order, weight, size, destination, insurance, period, and so on.

Custom Car Care cannot be held liable due to force majeure of deliveries from third parties. All deliveries that cannot be carried out by us due to the fact that suppliers do not possess the articles or do not deliver articles on time, are outside our liability.

Shipments must always be checked by the recipient. If there is any damage to the package, the recipient must notify the transport company before signing for receipt. If the recipient has indicated that they do not have to sign for a shipment, this is not the responsibility of Custom Car Care and this is at the recipient's own risk. Any damage to the package, order, certain products or third parties due to leaving the package in a place other than the recipient's hands is not our responsibility and is entirely at the recipient's own risk. Any damage that a shipment may have incurred during the transport process of the parcel service itself and not reported to the parcel service before the order is taken will not fall within our guidelines. All claims that the recipient makes afterwards cannot be confirmed by the parcel service and falls outside our guidelines.

When the recipient receives the order, he must immediately check the content. Any damage that is present to the order, the articles or the products must be reported within 24 hours with Custom Car Care.

Charges due to import, customs, VAT taxes, and other charges beyond the control of Custom Car Care are the responsibility of the customer.

When placing an order, the customer is obliged to pay for his ordered products or services due to the payment obligation stated in Belgian law. The customer also agrees to the general terms and conditions of Custom Car Care. This payment must be made no later than 30 days after placement. If the ordered goods are not paid within 30 days, an administrative fee of € 10,00 including taxes will be charged. This amount doubles every 30 days, if the customer continues to refuse the administrative costs after 180 days, a bailiff will be appointed, the costs of which will be passed on to the customer and in case of a lawsuit, the legal costs will also be invoiced to the customer. Payments with PayPal also require an additional administration fee of € 0,43 including taxes fixed costs and 5,00% of the total amount including taxes to cover expenses incurred to provide the payment method.